The occupiers are planning to unite all their Western minions into a single “news agency”

телебачення, пропаганда

The Kremlin plans to create a new “information agency” on the temporarily seized lands of Donetsk and Luhansk regions, where recruited foreign FSB employees will work.

Russian propaganda systematically creates pseudo-local media on TOT in order to replicate its lies. Such “media” are supervised by the Kremlin, and most of the employees are Russians.

However, Moscow also involves its foreign agents of influence in the replication of lies. Usually these are freaks who spread conspiracy theories, support radical currents and talk about a happy life on TOT.

Moscow plans to unite the latter into a “single news agency”. It is presented as a private initiative, namely the idea of a well-known employee of the Russian special services, Kristel Nean.

The French woman has been living in Donetsk since 2016 and has been cooperating with the “MGB DNR” (basically a sub-unit of FSB on TOT) for years. She positions herself as an “independent war correspondent”.

It is planned to finance the “agency” within the framework of the “New Media Workshop” program, which operates under the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin. That is, in fact, an “independent journalist” proposes to create an “agency of independent international journalists” with the dictator’s money.

We will remind you that earlier the Russians created “news agencies” in Zaporizhzhia and Kherson region. They were headed by Russians, in particular, Alexander Malkevich from St. Petersburg oversees these cesspools.

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