The occupiers are putting pressure on the local population in Crimea

In the temporarily occupied territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, the occupation authorities continue to persecute residents of the occupied peninsula who still criticize the Kremlin’s regime or express their disagreement with the so-called “special military operation” on the territory of Ukraine.

Moreover, last year the Criminal and Administrative Codes of the Russian Federation were amended, which provided the occupiers with another opportunity of pressure on local residents in order to bring such persons to administrative or criminal responsibility within the framework of the so-called “law”.

However, on the temporarily annexed peninsula, the Resistance Movement has actively launched its underground activities and records all movements of collaborators who support the Russian occupation forces.

The National Resistance Center reminds collaborators or those who intend to help the occupiers that Ukrainian Resistance Movement has already killed many representatives of the collaborators and representatives of the Russian occupation administration.

Do not cooperate with the occupiers, so as not to be held criminally liable during the de-occupation in accordance with the laws of Ukraine.

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