The occupiers completed the “referendum”

For 5 days, the occupiers fed their population with lies about the alleged holding of a “referendum” and immediately after it was held, they summed up the results.

There is no point in talking about those virtual numbers of turnout and support among the population, because this is just a shift in the focus of attention. The Russians were never able to simulate long queues and show the operation of “crowded” precincts.

At the same time, propaganda for legitimization talks about “independent observers”, but not a single OSCE observer was admitted. At the same time, we received a bunch of “tourists” from various marginal groups, whose presence the Russians are trying to pass off as “recognition”.

No civilized country recognizes “referendums”, no Ukrainian recognizes this farce. The resistance will continue regardless of the illusions of Russian propagandists and a group of collaborators.

At the same time, we note that the “referendum” itself is only a basis for the mobilization of Ukrainians in the temporarily occupied territories. Taking into account that since October 1, the Russians have effectively closed the exit to free Ukraine, the Central Committee of Ukraine calls on the residents to leave the region immediately and not to become a “human shield” for the occupier.

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