Russian propaganda completed the show called “referendum,” and the main dictator “ratified” the agreements on the annexation of the occupied territories to the Russian Federation. However, in reality these agreements are legally void.

It is no secret in Ukraine that there were no “referendums” in the occupied territories. The Russians were not even able to fake voting privacy and voter turnout. Thus, they organized a 5-day circus with soldiers and making rounds from home to home.

It is well known to the entire civilized world that in fact, there were no such so-called referendums. Except for a handful of Kremlin satellites, no country recognizes the “show of will”, and with it the attempt to annex these territories.

But most importantly, it is no secret for the Russians themselves that there was no manifestation of will. The Russians themselves arrange this farce solely to create an “occupation with a human face” for the internal audience. However, in reality these documents and signatures have no legal force. They are just worthless.

Ukraine will return all the seized territories despite all these “referendums” and other falsifications of the Russians. And with that, all Ukrainians will be able to return to their homes.

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