This week, another collaborator blew up in a car, and the Russians are trying to find workers and fake institutions. The Center of National Resistance has prepared a fresh overview of the main events in the temporarily occupied territories.

Another explosion in the traitor’s car and the refusal of Ukrainians to work for the Russians

On the morning of April 3, in the temporarily occupied Melitopol, a car exploded in which collaborator Maxim Zubarev was. Zubarev held the post of the so-called “head of the administration of the village of Yakimovka.” Now he is in serious condition and taken out of Zaporizhia region.
Ukrainians refuse to cooperate with the enemy. Therefore, the Russians plan to have an additional batch of “prosecutors” on the temporarily occupied lands to repress the local population. Initially, it was planned to recruit prosecutors from local traitors, but their number was insufficient.
Also, the Russians are forced to take doctors to the TOT. To eliminate the shortage of medical staff, Moscow has introduced new rules for residency in the temporarily occupied territories, where doctors are not required to provide information on accreditation and confirmation of foreign education.
In addition, the occupation administration reported on the creation of 29 fake universities in the temporarily occupied lands, but cannot find “students”.
“Universities” operate on the basis of the occupied premises of Ukrainian universities. In order to recruit students, locals are promised admission without exams and scholarships, and collaborators are also sent for correspondence. All this is done to simulate the “launch of the educational process.”
Also, the “rectors” of fake higher education institutions were tasked with preparing free dormitories for “students” from other regions, who are also allowed to “study” without passing exams. Also, such “students” are promised further employment in the TOT. So the enemy wants to continue the policy of changing the demographic composition in the region.

Russians continue to put pressure on Ukrainians

In Energodar, the occupiers kidnap employees of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant for “preventive conversations” in dungeons so that they sign Russian passports.

Thus, the enemy has created a “pocket” trade union, which all station employees must forcibly join, and to join, it is necessary to obtain an enemy passport. All dissenters are taken out and tortured.

In general, the enemy is increasing the pace of forced passportization and resorting to violence against those who refuse to take enemy waste paper.
At the end of March, Putin expressed his dissatisfaction with the pace of passportization in the TOT. In response, the occupation administration developed passportization plans and launched “mobile passportization groups” that resort to pressure: from threats to the use of physical force.

In the temporarily occupied peninsula of Crimea, local policemen feel tension and have also intensified repressions of the local population. Thus, the FSB has become more active in the region, which for the first time since 2014 is conducting active checks of local cars. Also, during searches, police check phones and computers to identify everyone who may be involved in the Ukrainian underground.

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