The occupiers tasked Russian archaeologists with proving the “historical affiliation” of Chersonese to the Russian Federation

Excavations of a Ukrainian monument of national importance on the site of the ancient Greek city of Chersonese are underway on the temporarily occupied Crimean peninsula.

Excavations are being carried out by Russian archaeologists and local collaborators under the supervision of the military. The main task facing the robbers of the historical monument is to prove the “belonging of the city to the Russian Federation.”

Something similar happened on the peninsula during the Second World War, when the Nazis conducted excavations on the peninsula, who were looking for evidence that Crimea was purely German land, where the Goth state had previously ruled.

The modern occupiers want to prove that Chersonese was actually inhabited by Slavs and was called the city of Korsun. In the future, Russian propaganda aims to draw this line to Kievan Rus, whose heir the Putin regime considers itself.

According to the plan of the occupiers, this will allow Russian propaganda not only to “justify its right to the peninsula”, but also to level the history of the Crimean Tatars as “an insignificant stage in the history of Crimea”.

To fulfill the task, Russian “historians” can resort to hoaxes and deliberate destruction of the Greek heritage. In particular, many artifacts are exported to the Russian Federation. That is, systematic robbery and destruction of the monument continues.

Note that the names of all the criminals involved in the distortion of history and working for propaganda are known and everyone will be held accountable for this before the court.

Earlier it became known that the occupiers were preparing to rob the museum-reserve “Khersones Tavriyskyi”. Thus, the occupation administration of the museum is preparing acts of transfer for restoration for further display outside the museum for 300,000 exhibits from the reserve’s funds.

At the end of 2014, about 500,000 showpieces (main and auxiliary funds) were stored in the funds, of which 300,000 are the entire main fund.

Therefore, the enemy is actually preparing documents to steal most of the museum’s exhibits.

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